Our club is working with other local clubs to help with the enormous human trafficking problem in Southeast Georgia through a District Grant.

Human Trafficking is a district and statewide initiative of Rotary.

The objective of this project is to raise awareness, prevention education and training on Human trafficking prevention for local agencies and the general public. The grant intends to include area Rotary and other civic clubs, faith based and existing trafficking organizations.

We will hold a number of events featuring experts on Human Trafficking open to the public. We also hope to include events with local officials such as law enforcement, education providers and the medical community, as these folks are often the first point of contact with victims. We intend to record these events and use them throughout the years to continue to promote awareness of the dangers youth expose themselves to and to educate adults on steps they can take to protect the children.

We will be looking for club volunteers now to help develop and plan this project and later more of y’all to step up and help with the events.  Please contact xPrez Joe to be a part of this very important club endeavor.

At the District Conference we learned that the number 2 Sex Trafficking Event in this country is the Augusta Masters Golf Tournament!!!!

Meanwhile, watch this video from Susan Norris at Rescuing Hope to help you understand why this is so important and the partner we will tap: