These renderings are actually all the same size.  The actual resolution is good.  Unfortunately the web messes with things and I am lazy

The ones where the lighthouse is lowered, the bottom of the lighthouse will be near the base of the stand.

This is a link to the banner we are considering.  If there is one or two you want to see better, email me.

Not prez Joe



Version 1

Wheel below text, White background


Version 3

Wheel below text, Azure screen 25%

Version 6

Lowered Lighthouse, White outer glow on text to sharpen

Version 1a

Standard locked logo, White background


Version 4

Unlocked Logo, Azure Screen 10%

Version 7

Lowered Lighthouse, Rotary Royal blue outer glow on text


Version 2

Locked logo, Azure screen 25%

Version 5

Lighthouse lowered, Azure screen 10%